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Art Licks


Interdependence Mix

Simon Bayliss

Art Licks Radio 2019

A commission by Art Licks and TACO! for Art Licks Weekend Radio 2019, supported by Arts Council England and Outset

All music and poetry written and produced by Simon Bayliss (a.k.a Swim on Bay Bliss) unless otherwise stated:

Skylarkin’ (interdependence shortcut mix)
Meditations after an emergency
Citizen / nowhere (interdependence shortcut mix)
Citizen / nowhere (interdependence shortcut mix)
Naked in the rain (version of music by Blue Pearl, vocals: Ilker Cinarel, keys & recorder: Christian Guerrini)
Icaro (version of music from Shipibo people)
Exit a cloud
Seagull donk (interdependence John Baldessari mix)
Kelly’s Lantern Tower

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