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An Absolute River

Grace Ndiritu
11 May – 16 July 2022
LUX, London

An Absolute River

Black Beauty, Grace Ndiritu, 2021

Grace Ndiritu – An Absolute River explores time with new frames of reference, and questions the relevance of previously accepted divisions between past, present and future. Grace Ndiritu (b.1982) is a British-Kenyan artist and activist, whose practice is concerned with alternative ways of living and seeing our contemporary world through spirituality and explorations of “deep time”. 

Inspired by Jorge Luis Borges, the Argentine writer, fictionalised in Ndiritu’s latest film “Black Beauty” (2021), the exhibition title reflects on his theories on the fluidity of time. This film will be screened along with Ndiritu’s earlier film “A Week in the News” (2010). 

The accompanying public programme will be led by artists Rieko Whitfield, Serena Huang and Dr Jason Allen-Paisant. All three will invite audiences to imagine alternative timescapes through workshops, performance and text. Each artist investigates the subjectivities of time using multiple approaches: linear/non-linear, western/non-western and human/non-human time. 

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LUX, Waterlow Park Centre, Waterlow Park, Dartmouth Park Hill, London N19 5JF
Wednesday – Saturday, 12-4pm

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