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Software For Less

Ben Grosser
20 August – 23 October 2021
arebyte Gallery, London

Software For Less

Software for Less is an exhibition examining the cultural, social and political effects of software on contemporary society, by US artist Ben Grosser.

Grosser’s first solo exhibition in the UK, Software for Less, will take visitors on a journey through a pseudo tech exposition. Each work is presented as a product that could have come out of an alternative Silicon Valley, interrogating and reimagining how software is created, operated, and sold. The exhibition provokes the viewer to consider the influence software has on us, foregrounding social media platforms as the main impetus; how is an interface that foregrounds our friend count changing our conceptions of friendship? Who benefits when a software system can intuit how we feel? Ultimately, questioning how software moulds who we are.

20 August – 23 October 2021

Java House, 7 Botanic Square, London City Island, E14 0LG

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