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Art Licks


ON WHEELS are looking for BAME artists and activists to exhibit / perform / protest / play.


ON WHEELS ​is a nomadic ‘project space’ that celebrates commoning, sharing thoughts and existing in public. Its form echoes structures that pre-exist on the street, such as news boards, vending trolleys and street signs.

ON WHEELS i​s movable, unexpected, temporal, playful, political in nature, outdoors, DIY, tongue in cheek. It can be an exhibition space, a billboard, a tool for protest or education, a carnival float, a stage. It welcomes proposals of all mediums as long as they engage with its structure and affordances and are aware of its ethos.

ON WHEELS​ was launched in November 2019 and has a lot to learn about itself through its use, so if you have a proposal do get in touch. Email ( or DM on Instagram @onwheeeels.

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